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Teampay is simplifying sports payment and enhancing the game day experience for your members. Schedule a free zoom call for a demonstration on how we can help your organisation.

"Our teams are loving it. I continue to have teams come up and mention how easy it is to use and how it solves all the problems like collecting money and being out of pocket!"

Mitch Duhig - General Manager Launceston Basketball


How does Teampay Work?


Teampay is the 'lifehack' that paying for social basketball needed!

Katie - Team Captain

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Copy of Split Team fee - Captain Guide

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How Teampay is helping local sporting organisations

Want to see a live demo?

When you book a call with one of our account managers, we will run you through how Teampay can simplify the payments at your sport organisation. We will discuss your current systems and see how Teampay can improve your operational efficiency and game day experience.

What’s next?

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1. Book a video call

The first thing for us to do is find a time that suits you. We will book a video call for our team to meet yours to learn more about how Teampay can enhance your game day experience.

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2. Demonstrate the Teampay platform

On the video call, we will ask questions about your organisation and your current payment systems. We will then demonstrate the Teampay platform and how it can create a more efficient and streamlined payment system for both the players and the organisation.

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3. Partner with Teampay

Our video call is a 100% no obligation meeting. If either party does not feel that Teampay is suitable for your organisation, then there is no further action required.

If you do decide to join with Teampay, we will support you through the whole onboarding process and supply you with all the documentation and procedures to make it a smooth transition for your members.

We can have you registered and accepting payments in less than 24 hours!